Bunoon: SHRINK | Manual | Welcome!

SHRINK is a full bodied JavaScript minimizer, that is built on top of the TESS library. SHRINK allows you to minimize the size of your JavaScript code, offering support to make it smaller and harder to interpret. Throughout this site, you will find instructions on how to use SHRINK, along with test examples.

The main features include:

  • Strip comments, block comments and documentation.
  • Strip empty lines and new lines.
  • Make your code harder to interpret.
  • Replace internal variables with smaller, compacted names.
  • Much much more...

The main supported web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8.0 upwards)
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

You can point directly to SHRINK from your website by including the JS file from:

  • http://shrink.bunoon.com/js/shrink_latest.js

Or you can download SHRINK 0.2.3 by one of the following options:

You can view all the version history here.

Version 0.2.3 - 2 December, 2012:

  • Massive documentation and indentation clean ups.
  • Fixed a object initialization error when TESS is not defined.

If you find any bugs or script errors while using SHRINK, please sent an email to:

  • bugs@bunoon.com

Please gives all the details about the fault, how it occurred, what area, etc.